Haus of Damas is a New York City based, globally minded brand that is creating fashion for the ever evolving woman. A dama is a woman who is confident and aware of her ability to capture the attention of many in any setting she walks into. she has this je ne sais quoi vibe that can;Not be defined, only felt. She is the divine feminine that vibrates on a high frequency and remains herself despite the mold society tries to place her in. she is the ultimate it girl because she remains true to who she is. At Haus of Damas, we treat you as our inspiration for every collection that we set out to launch. You are the mood and the muse that fuel our ideas for every collection.

As a micro brand it is our goal to create a community of like minded fashionistas who are empowered and empower those around them. We are committed to playing a role in the collective future where we can reduce waste and create zero inventory a reality. it is the reason why we are only producing specific styles we know you want in controlled amounts. so Not only are you the ultimate fashionista, but you're saving Mother Earth! That's pretty bad ass if you ask us. 

Today, fashion is not just getting dressed to take on your day. Fashion is intention, a form of expression, a vibe you are putting out into the world without speaking. This is not just a brand, but a home to those who want to make change and can express themselves through their style and versatility.